About Us

We moved to Toquerville, Utah in 2001. We were looking for a rural setting, and having spent time in the area as a child, I always had an affinity for the dramatic landscape

We’re minutes away from Zion National Park and many miles of BLM wilderness. It’s all close and accessible. Mountain biking has become a renewed interest. My favorite trail is the J.E.M trail in Virgin. It’s about a two hour ride with dramatic views of Zion.
My pottery studio is behind our house. I have several kilns, all producing different surfaces.

My kids come out to help. I like being around and that my kids know what I do. I’m hoping that by them seeing me at work in my studio it will give them the courage to design their own creative lives.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a productive fig tree on our property. The figs ripen twice a summer, June and August. I enjoy stopping by the tree on my way back to the studio and eating a few, warmed by the sun, right off the tree. Another treat is to slice them in half, topped with goat cheese, prosciutto ham and a squeeze of lime.

Sianne assists in home deliveries a number of times a year for local women. She has apprenticed with midwives everywhere we’ve lived; Missouri, Illinois, Colorado and Utah. She loves being involved in natural pregnancy, birth and childrearing and feels a strong connection to continue pursuing this path.

Along with our art studio her philosophies and mothering of our three children is a wonderful compliment to our simple lifestyle.